Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dolly Gets Thanksgiving Last!

We made a special Thanksgiving dinner in honor of Dolly being here, and since she spent Thanksgiving day dancing the disco at the Rochester postal sorting facility, she missed having turkey.  Bryan made an awesome Hickory smoked turkey on the grill and Bourbon Gravy.  I made my fresh cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing and other fixin's.   We even ate by candlelight.  Nothing is too good for our guest.

You have to really watch out for her though.  She grabbed a bottle off of the table, thinking it was her favorite wine...Fat Bastard.  Boy was she surprised when she swigged a mouthful of Baslamic Vinegar...UGH!  I reminded her that desperation never brings happiness, and she happily gave up the bottle.

After dinner, she decided to help Bryan untangle the Christmas lights.  I think it was a bigger job than she anticipated.

She's taking a nap now after a busy day and a lovely dinner.

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