Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dolly Gets Thanksgiving Last!

We made a special Thanksgiving dinner in honor of Dolly being here, and since she spent Thanksgiving day dancing the disco at the Rochester postal sorting facility, she missed having turkey.  Bryan made an awesome Hickory smoked turkey on the grill and Bourbon Gravy.  I made my fresh cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing and other fixin's.   We even ate by candlelight.  Nothing is too good for our guest.

You have to really watch out for her though.  She grabbed a bottle off of the table, thinking it was her favorite wine...Fat Bastard.  Boy was she surprised when she swigged a mouthful of Baslamic Vinegar...UGH!  I reminded her that desperation never brings happiness, and she happily gave up the bottle.

After dinner, she decided to help Bryan untangle the Christmas lights.  I think it was a bigger job than she anticipated.

She's taking a nap now after a busy day and a lovely dinner.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dolly Has Arrived!

Hooray!  Dolly has arrived.  She was lovingly delivered to our door by our wonderful postlady.  I immediately released her from her Priority Mail confinement.   Happily, she seemed in good spirits.  Maybe because she got to dance  the Disco at the sorting facility.

She was showing off her lovely Maine postcard, which Shirley gave to her.  Shirley, Dolly sends her love and says that she will remember everything you taught her about poker, when she gets to Las Vegas.

Bryan came home shortly after Dolly arrived.  He got busy making some venison jerky from an eHow recipe that I found for him.  She was very interested and insisted on helping him.


I've got some fun plans for tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, and if I can get ahold of Cybil.  I want to show Dolly around Western New York.  Hmmm...what should we do, visit Rochester?  Go to an antique store?  Or, Niagara Falls?  Stay tuned to see where Dolly visits tomorrow.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

NEWSFLASH! Dolly Spotted Cutting a Rug

OMG!  Here I am feeling sorry for Dolly.  The sly little girl is whooping it up with postal workers at the USPS sorting facility.  Who knew they had a disco in there!

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Thanks to Chriss J for bringing me this important news flash.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dolly Missing Thanksgiving

Poor Dolly!  She made it all the way to Rochester, but got stuck at the USPS sorting facility downtown.  I think the holiday shipping season is slowing everything down.  Poor Dolly will be spending Thanksgiving in a box downtown.  I'm sure she will arrive on Friday.  I'm just sad that she didn't make it for Thanksgiving. 

I promise I'll make it up to her.  We are spending Thanksgiving with the In-laws, but I'm cooking my own dinner on Friday.  I will set an extra place for her.  I am confident she will make it for dinner then.  She will be in time then to meet my son too.  He has to leave early on Saturday morning.  He's reporting for duty at his base at Ft. Bliss in Texas.

Hang in there Dolly.  You'll be here soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Waiting for Dolly

I can't wait!

Dolly has been with my good friend Shirley in Maine for the past week. Lucky dog! She got to be the first host on eHow Dolly's grand tour of the US. From Shirley's reports, Dolly had a wonderful time. She got a personal massage from Shirley, played poker and visited Paul Bunyan. That will be a hard act to follow.

I'm madly making lists of places I want Dolly to see, here in western New York. So many places, so little time. Just a few of the things on my list are...

My boys want to teach her to play Rock Band, and I'm hoping the In-laws don't mind an extra guest for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

Hurry Dolly, I can't wait to see you!

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