Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dolly Has Arrived!

Hooray!  Dolly has arrived.  She was lovingly delivered to our door by our wonderful postlady.  I immediately released her from her Priority Mail confinement.   Happily, she seemed in good spirits.  Maybe because she got to dance  the Disco at the sorting facility.

She was showing off her lovely Maine postcard, which Shirley gave to her.  Shirley, Dolly sends her love and says that she will remember everything you taught her about poker, when she gets to Las Vegas.

Bryan came home shortly after Dolly arrived.  He got busy making some venison jerky from an eHow recipe that I found for him.  She was very interested and insisted on helping him.


I've got some fun plans for tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, and if I can get ahold of Cybil.  I want to show Dolly around Western New York.  Hmmm...what should we do, visit Rochester?  Go to an antique store?  Or, Niagara Falls?  Stay tuned to see where Dolly visits tomorrow.

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