Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dolly's EXCELLENT Day in Rochester!

Wow!  What a whirlwind day for Dolly!  It started off at 6:30 am when I came downstairs, only to find Dolly in her borrowed sweater (complements of a Teddy Bear who didn't want her to get cold) and looking longingly out the window.  IT SNOWED overnight!  There was a scant inch on the ground and she could barely contain herself.  It was still dark out though, so I made her wait until is was light.

As soon as it got light outside, Dolly ran out for some fun in the snow.  She built a snowman and named him Crabby (since he has Crabapple eyes and mouth).


Then she took a few turns sledding down suicide hill (the landscaping berm in our backyard) on a Frisbee, which made a terrific sled.  WOO-HOO!  She screamed in delight.

It's a good thing she got her snow fun in early, because it was gone by 10:00 am.


After breakfast, we started off our tour of Rochester by visiting my favorite antique store, the Ontario Antiques Mall.  1,000 Dealers and tons of fun stuff.  The first thing Dolly found was an antique rocking horse.  She jumped in and played for a minute.  Just long enough for me to get a good picture of her. 


We wandered down the rows and rows of pottery, silver and jewels.  She decided that she liked this case full of BLING the best.  Watch out Pam...she's got expensive tastes!

At one point we went into a dealer's cubby only to find some lovely Victorian Dolls.  Dolly thought they were beautiful in their silks and finery.  She tried to strike up a conversation, but the doll was a bit snooty and wouldn't answer her.


Humph!  We said goodbye to the antiques store and headed up to Rochester.


Where to go in Rochester.  There are so many great sights to see.  Since the day is a bit chilly, we decided to do some indoor sight-seeing.  We started out at the George Eastman House.  It is the jewel among many Victorian mansions that line East Avenue in Rochester.  The home of George Eastman...founder of Eastman Kodak.  The home is now a museum AND an archive.  It houses movies, film and photographs from all over the world, from the beginning of photo imaging in the 1800's to the present.  The movie industry relies on the archive for storage (in it's climate controlled environment), restoration and research.


One of the first things we looked at was their gallery of the history of film.  There were all kinds of cool cameras.


Dolly's favorite were the spy camers, including this hidden camera in the handle of a cane.  Cool!

They were having their annual Gingerbread House Gala.  Dozens of gorgeous and fanciful gingerbread houses displayed all thoughout the house.  They are built by amatures, Boy and Girl Scout Troups as well as professional bakers.  They are auctioned off after being displayed for two weeks.  We were lucky enough to be there for the first day of the Gala.  I got some great shots of Dolly and the gingerbread houses.



We had lunch in the cafe and wandered through the mansion, marveling at it's beauty.  I've never been there at Christmas.  They have it decorated to the hilt with swags of pine, lights and Christmas trees.  It was so pretty.


That's Dolly at the top of the grand staircase.  She looks so small up there.

From the George Eastman House, we went on to my favorite place in all of Rochester...the Eastman School of Music.  Founded by George Eastman in the 1920's to become an institution of excellence in music education and a gift to the community.  Almost any day of the week...day and night, you can attend a concert here.  MOST of them are FREE!  Everything from a student or faculty recital, to full symphonies and opera.  The Broadway shows they do here in the Fall have a top ticket price of $20!  Eastman is reknowned worldwide as one of the finest music schools in the world.  My husband and I often attend the Jazz concerts.  They often host world class performers, like Renee Fleming (opera), James Taylor, and more.

We were there at the wrong time today, so their weren't any concerts to attend, but we came prepared anyway.  Dolly wanted to dress up in the pretty dress I made her, and put her bling on, like an actress at the Oscars.  She looked lovely in her finery.


We got some great shots of her inside the Eastman Theater...the schools main stage and a few other favorite spots.


Dolly was WOWed by the 30 FOOT chandelier.  Talk about BLING...over 50,000 crystals on that thing.

And the cute little washtub chandeliers...YES, I said WASHTUBS!  When the theater was built, the lights that had been ordered from Italy, didn't come on time for opening night.  George Eastman instructed the workers to make lights out of two washtubs that were laying around.  They were clipped along the top edge and bent to look like the petals of a flower...gilded, and hung up.  They remain there today.  Don't know what happened to the ones that were supposed to go there.

Dolly's FAVORITE thing at the theater, was the water fountain spouts.  They are gilded sea serpents.


Our last stop on our Rochester tour was the High Falls gorge.  The Gennesee river flows right through the center of Rochester and makes a spectacular 60 drop at High Falls.  It's not Niagara, but it's still very impressive.



Well, that wraps up our exciting day in Rochester.  Dolly will is packing and getting ready to travel tomorrow.  I will be shipping her off to Tara in Pennsylvania for a taste of college life.  To continue reading about and following Dolly's adventures on her grand tour of the United States, go to eHow Dolly's Grand Adventure

Thank you Pam for sharing Dolly with us.  I had such a wonderful time with her.


Pam Irie on December 1, 2009 at 8:30 PM said...

Diane - OMGoodness! What a whirlwind day Dolly had. I've so enjoyed seeing the sights through her eyes. Thank you for showing her such a wonderful time. This is really fun as I've spent no time in the state of New York. This is GREAT!!! Thank you! Dolly, have a safe trip and be good. Miss you! ;) Mom (Pam) LOL

Shirley on December 2, 2009 at 4:25 AM said...

Love it ! The pics are so much fun. Good job, Rochester tour guide Diane! :-)

bossypants on December 2, 2009 at 4:53 AM said...

What a fabulous photo journal of Dolly's New York adventures! Informative, too! We are learning plenty following Dolly's adventures! Thanks, Diane for the entertaining read and wonderful photos!

survivoryea said...

What a wonderful travel log. Looks like Dolly had a fabulous visit in Rochester. I only hope she won't be bored in my sleepy little town!

Lauren (Reuseitall on December 2, 2009 at 2:41 PM said...

Oh Diane this turned out fantastic! The photos are great and it looks like you had a great visit with Dolly! Rochester is beautiful and those gingerbread houses were SO tempting!!! Great job!!! :)

Angela - Upon Request on December 4, 2009 at 10:08 AM said...

That's awesome Diane -- sounds like you and Dolly had a great visit. She'll have so many fabulous memories to take home and share on the Islands.

Addie Protivnak said...

Looks like Rochester is a great place.

Peg on January 13, 2010 at 11:16 AM said...

Dolly, you get around. I'm so glad you're having fun on your travels!

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